Title Cover-From Death to Life: The Recipient Prequel
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From Death to Life: The Recipient Prequel: Emerald City Thriller Series

by Audrey J Cole — Marcio Catalano, Marisilda Garcia, narrators

Michael Rhodes becomes the first man in U. S. history to donate his organs after execution. Sergeant Wade McKinnon watches Rhodes take his last breath from the viewing area to the lethal injection chamber, planning to move on with his life after Rhodes pays the ultimate penalty for his crimes. Elle’s world is turned upside down when her husband, Brian, suffers a debilitating stroke at the age of thirty-seven. His only chance at living the life he once led is to receive an experimental brain transplant. When she gets the call that donor brain cells are finally available for Brian’s transplant, she rushes him to the hospital in hopes of him returning to the man he was before his stroke. …

Title Cover-How Did You Get Here
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How Did You Get Here

by Scott Montgomery — Scott Montgomery, narrator

Scott Montgomery was not set up for success. Growing up with little structure and having a reputation as a troublemaker in his teens, the prospects of his moving ahead were limited. His life began to shift when he started working at a local grocery store at sixteen. As he developed new habits and skills, guided by managers and mentors who recognized his potential, he built an unconventional path to significant corporate opportunities. So how has Scott ended up leading Worldgate LLC, a thriving management consulting firm, and coaching other leaders and entrepreneurs on their paths to success? In his book How Did You Get Here?, Scott shares what he learned through stories of his life and career, how he nurtured a mindset that has allowed him to transform his life and become the successful business leader he is today. Montgomery doesn’t hold back, offering truthful anecdotes and inspiring insights into what it takes to be a successful leader. How important it is to form and maintain your relationships–personal and professional How habits, routines, self-care and goal-setting enable peak performance How leadership coaching has benefited his career, and how it can benefit yours How the formation, history, and culture of Worldgate LLC influences his success How applying the lessons learned has made him a better partner, husband, and father Scott’s definition of success truly focuses on happiness and satisfaction. As he, and his wife Katelyn, are partnered in life and in business, he speaks from experience sharing how to balance running a business, building a family, and achieving outstanding financial, personal, and professional success. His leadership focuses on developing engagement, growth and fostering a learner’s mindset. He is proud to lead an amazing team and is committed to the wellbeing of his clients, Worldgate’s employees and giving back to his community. …

Title Cover-Taming Beckett
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Taming Beckett: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

by G.K. Brady — Marcio Catalano, Veronica Pace, narrators

His career is in the penalty box. Her marriage is on the rocks. Can love score the winning goal? Beckett Miller’s hedonistic lifestyle just got iced. After a high-profile fall from grace over a drug scandal, the aging pro hockey superstar finds himself without a team, dropped from endorsements, and completely broke. Desperate to turn his home into cash, the league’s bad boy is forced to work with a real estate agent with a megawatt smile…and who he’d just made a spectacular fool of himself with. Paige Anderson’s sales success hasn’t translated to relationships. With her husband becoming more distant, Paige is pulling out all the stops to keep her marriage together, and the last thing she desires is to have a scandal-plagued playboy athlete as a client. But the high commission she’ll get from the sale seems worth it…especially when he unexpectedly becomes a shoulder to cry on. Surprised when he develops feelings for the beautiful realtor, Beckett decides it’s time to clean up his act and plan for the future. And though Paige can’t stop thinking about the troubled all-star, she worries he’ll betray her like every other man in her life. Can this damaged duo put aside their fears and take a slapshot at love? Taming Beckett is the tantalizing first book in The Playmakers Series of sports romances. If you like swoon-worthy characters, slow-burn chemistry, and enemies-to-lovers attractions, then you’ll adore G. K. Brady’s steamy listen. Winner of the 2020 Independent Publishers Book Awards Gold Medal for Best Romance E-book Winner of the 2020 Independent Readers Discovery Award for Romance Finalist for the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Romance …

Title Cover-Line Change
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Line Change: A Second-Chance Romance

by G.K. Brady — Ryan Lee Dunlap, Aubrey Vincent, narrators

There’s only one woman for him. The problem? She belongs to his best friend. When it comes to hockey and women, Marty LeBrun is used to coming in second to his best friend and teammate, Zach Pruitt. And that’s okay because Marty’s sole aim is breaking into the NHL, a climb as steep as Mt. Everest—without oxygen—for a guy whose heart is greater than his talent. But all that changes when Claudia Campbell walks into their lives. Suddenly, playing Zach’s wingman is a role Marty is no longer willing to fill. Claudia Campbell has been itching to escape her stifling family and spread her wings. None of her big plans include a serious relationship, but she soon finds herself falling for Zach and putting her plans on ice. There’s a bonus that comes with the hottest hockey player on campus, though, and that’s his buddy, Marty. As her relationship with Zach deepens, Marty becomes her best friend, her rock, the guy she trusts above all others—including Zach. While he flounders in the minors, Marty envies Zach’s meteoric rise in the NHL. Zach has everything Marty wants: a thriving career and the girl. But Zach’s fame creates the perfect storm for excess, and when he begs Marty to keep his secrets, Marty is torn. Do his loyalties lie with his best friend since childhood? Or with his other best friend, the girl he secretly pines for? In order to protect the woman he adores, Marty agrees to hide Zach’s recklessness. But secrets never stay buried, and Marty’s choice delivers devastating consequences. When Claudia discovers what Marty has been keeping from her, it’s game over. Years pass and scars cover old wounds, but Marty is haunted by memories of the only woman he’s ever loved. Meanwhile, Claudia yearns for the friendship she shared with Marty. When a chance encounter brings them together again, will they take a shot at winning the biggest prize of all? …

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